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Have you tried Turkish Efes beer yet? 

Efes (pronounced "Eff-ess") gets its light colour and smooth character from the "Pils" malt, chosen from the world's best varieties of brewing barley, and Hallertau hops, from the Bilecik region of Turkey, give Efes a complex finish. Efes Pilsener has won numerous gold medals at international competitions around the world, and a Silver at the New Zealand Hop Marketing Board International Awards.  Try it next time you come in...

History has it that beer originated some 7,000 years ago in the region south of Anatolia, now part of Turkey.  The popular Efes Pilsener beer takes its name from the ancient Ionian city of Ephesus, once the Roman capital of Asia.  Today, the name Efes has become synonymous with beer in Turkey.

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